A master thesis on speech synthesis, see chapter 2 for history of speech synthesis
AT&T Natural Voices synthesis demo
Felix Burkhardt's collection of speech synthesis examples
Festival speech synthesis, Demos
History of speech synthesis: historical photographs and illustrations
HTS HMM-based synthesis, Demos
IMS German Festival synthesis system, demo
Klatt's History of speech synthesis
Mary speech synthesis system, Demo
Nuance Vocalizer Demo
Video: A review of speech synthesis applications in 1984
Zur Geschichte der Sprachsynthese


Articulatory Synthesis at Haskins Labs
Gnu articulatory speech synthesis

Ressource (Sonstiges)

Edinburgh Speech Tools (Library of signal processing and synthesis tools)
HTS HMM-based synthesis
IMS German Festival - German extension to the Festival speech synthesis system
Mary speech synthesis system
MBROLA project (Diphone Databases)
Speech synthesis tutorial at TU Dresden, including Demo